Louisa Lytton On Fan Backlash Over Eastenders Character Ruby Allen

Louisa Lytton On Fan Backlash Over Eastenders Character Ruby Allen

She feels sorry for Mel Owen following her son Hunter’s prison sentencing, and encourages her to come back alongside. The evening goes easily, till the police turn up and arrest Ruby for sexual assault on her former worker Blake Turner . After she is arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on Blake, they meet to debate what occurred. She says they’d consensual sex however he says that as she was his boss, when she got here onto him at the workplace Christmas party, he felt obliged to have sex with her after which date her for worry of being sacked, which he was when their relationship ended. She says she had to sack somebody and he was less than the job and he or she asks if this accusation is revenge for her firing him. He admits he was bad at the job but says that was why he needed to go along with her advances.

Viewers of the episode additionally loved Lytton’s performance, calling it “phenomenal” and “incredible”. Baillie noted that the episode is “crammed with moments that will knock the wind out of you with some unbelievable one liners that catch you off guard”. Dainty thought that the special episode “unpicked and unravelled” every opinion of rape and consent. The reporter believed that after the episode, there was “extra floor to be lined within the aftermath”. Baillie enjoyed the writing of Ruby as someone who is upset and aggravated, yet not worried and frightened.

Eastenders Followers Discover ‘blunder’ With Ruby Allen Storyline

Ruby discovers that Johnny is an alcoholic in “Get Johnny Week” and she leaves him to Phil. She and Grant Mitchell have a coronary heart to heart, and Grant discovers that Phil paid Juley to sleep with Ruby. Grant is furious and burst into Johnny’s office the place Phil is holding Johnny until he confesses to Dennis’s homicide. There is a big chase, which leads to Danny Moon handcuffing the brothers and marching them into the forest.

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She also commented, “EastEnders bosses weren’t mistaken when they said it might be one of the greatest stories of the year”. Katie Baillie of the Metro enjoyed Lytton’s efficiency in the course of the storyline and opined that she deserved an accolade as she didn’t look like acting, rather living the experience herself. On 19 November 2018, a particular episode of EastEnders focusing on Ruby’s sexual assault was announced. The episode is totally set in The Queen Victoria pub and showcases totally different opinions on Ruby’s assault after it’s featured in a local newspaper. The episode sees a number of residents discussing attitudes to consent and the assault without understanding that Ruby is the sufferer, whereas Ruby listens to the variation in opinions.

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Ruby later discovers that Jake had murdered Danny, and she or he is furious with him. Jake turns into obsessed with Ruby’s welfare, and takes over the operating of her membership until she turns 18 in October. Ruby withdraws £2000 for a holiday, but decides to return it and is mugged by Juley in the process.

That identical night time on her birthday, Ruby finds out that Johnny has died from a coronary heart attack after the confrontation with Sean in jail.

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